Combining Italian sartorial tradition with textile innovation since 1978.

Lardini are one of those rare fashion brands that, despite not being one of the most instantly recognisable names on the global stage, have a reputation that goes far beyond just a name. From their trademark signature lapel flower to the subtle, but vast celebrity fan-base, they’re the clothing version of a secret society. With Lardini, if you know, you know.

Picture impeccably turned out Lardini adorning gentlemen catching a glimpse of each other's hand stitched woollen lapel flowers in a business meeting and exchanging the briefest of smiles, a nod of recognition, a mutual appreciation for their combined taste in fine tailoring. Much like the high-speed exchange of two car owners driving the same brand of classic car as they pass each other on the road, there is a shared respect.

At just 18 and armed with no more experience than a passion for clothes Luigi Lardini designed his first menswear collection. Sensing the potential of the venture, Luigi was soon joined by his siblings, and, with the support of their father, Lardini was born.

Like so many great fashion houses before them, Lardini started life in a small picturesque Italian town. Take yourself back in the heady days of 1978; whilst most of us were watching Grease or shuffling away in discos to the Bee Gees the Lardini family were opening their first tailoring workshop in the beautiful medieval town of Filottrano, laying the foundations for the Lardini brand that would go on to encapsulate the respect and authority that goes with the Made In Italy title.

Luigi Lardini and family in Filottrano, Italy

Leaders in their craft

Some would say that there is no greater achievement in the industry than producing fine sartorial clothing for some of the greatest fashion houses in the world, whilst also establishing your product under your own name. This is an accolade attributed to few, but one that Lardini are very proud to hold. Not only are they renowned for producing men’s tailoring for some of the world’s most well known brands; Dolce & Gabbana, Burberry and Versace to name but a few; since 1993, they have also manufactured their own lines, under their own name, including both their Made to Measure and Ready to Wear lines.

Lardini was brought to life with the vision and passion that comes from strong Italian heritage, but that’s not to say that Creative Director Luigi Lardini is afraid to look further afield for inspiration. The 2016/17 Lardini Fall/Winter collection pays homage to the 1960’s Beat Generation, the elegantly laid back look which was prominent on the streets of San Francisco and seen on celebrities, authors, poets and musicians alike.

Nick Wooster, Wooster + Lardini Collaboration

Collaboration and innovation

Another part of the Lardini story that cannot be ignored is their commitment to producing exciting and innovative collaborations with some of the most respected names in fashion. One of the most notable being with American designer/style icon, Nick Wooster. The Wooster + Lardini capsule collection brings together each brand’s identity respectively whilst combining the shared passions for fine tailoring and research into shapes and fabrics that make each piece individual.

Another notable achievement in textile innovation for the brand is their Easy Wear Suit. Appreciating the needs of the modern man, they created an innovative suit that can fold away into a small carrier sleeve and be easily transported. Described as being designed for the man who is ‘always jetting off to foreign parts either for work or for pleasure’ the water-repellent suit has a classic tailored cut and can be taken out of its case without the need to iron it.

lardini easy wear suit


Wearing Lardini

From humble beginnings to industry respected status, Lardini has well and truly earnt themselves a loyal following of high profile fans. From Premiership footballers to international pop stars, their suits can be seen everywhere from stage to screen to streets. Just look for the lapel.

We're thrilled to welcome Lardini to the shelves of Union 22. Head in store to see our range from these masters in sartorial tradition and textile innovation. Yearning for more? Check out this behind the scenes look into Lardini.

August 15, 2017 — Dale Allman

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