Introducing the Brioni Eau De Parfum Eclat 100 ml - This fragrance encapsulates the true essence of luxury, refinement, and the kind of timeless elegance that only a brand as renowned as Brioni could deliver. Specifically crafted for the modern gentleman with an appreciation for the finest things in life, this scent is a bold testament to excellence and individuality.



Eclat comes beautifully housed in a 100 ml square curved bottle, reflecting the refined scents within. The fragrance is a composition of rare and premium ingredients, carefully selected for their uniqueness and harmony, all converging to blend in a one-of-a-kind smell. The journey of the fragrance begins with top notes of sparkling bergamot, tangy grapefruit, and refreshing green apple. These notes awaken your senses, creating a vibrant and lasting impression.


As the scent unravels, the heart notes come into play, revealing a tapestry of aromatic lavender, refined rosemary, and sensual jasmine. These heart notes exude an air of sophistication and confidence, reflecting the confidence of the man who wears it. Lastly, the base notes of warm amber, earthy vetiver, and rich leather come through, providing a bold and enduring foundation.


Eau De Parfum Eclat is designed for the the man who desires an extraordinary scent, one that resonates with the rich heritage of the Brioni brand. Whether it's a high-stakes business meeting or an intimate candlelit dinner, this fragrance is your perfect companion. 




Let us now present Brioni Eau De Parfum Intense 100 ml – a fragrance of intense power, enigma, and allure. This scent captures the essence of masculine sophistication and unyielding self-assured confidence. Born in the esteemed ateliers of the renowned Italian fashion house of Brioni, this scent is a bold representation of luxury, passion, and intensity.


The Intense variant is presented in an elegantly designed 100 ml bottle, a worthy holder for the rich fragrance it contains. The scent is a synergy of carefully chosen, harmonious ingredients that create a truly unforgettable smell. The opening notes burst forth with a vibrant and daring blend of spicy black pepper, crisp bergamot, and fiery ginger, captivating the senses and leaving a distinctive mark.


As the fragrance develops, the heart notes unveil a mix of sensual black orchid, intriguing patchouli, and regal cedar wood. These notes exude a magnetic aura of mystery. Finally, the fragrance rests on the base notes of sumptuous tonka bean, creamy vanilla, and smoky leather, lending a luxurious depth, richness, and seductive allure to the overall scent.




Finally we present the Brioni Eau De Parfum 100 ml. Another creation from the renowned Italian fashion house of Brioni, this distinctive fragrance is crafted for the discerning gentleman who enjoys life's luxuries. This scent encapsulates Brioni's legacy, offering a journey of elegance and refinement with every spray.

The fragrance unravels, starting with the ozonic accent, spicy pink peppercorn, and crisp green apple top notes. As the scent evolves, it leads a trail of delicate violet and Ambroxan, creating an enticing blend that embodies pure sophistication. The final wave is a reveal of base notes featuring cedar wood, sweet tonka bean, and sensual musk, leaving a lingering trail of deep, irresistible allure.


May 22, 2023 — Dale Allman

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