The Union Edit brings you three ways to style our Classic white T’s as inspired by its iconic movie moments.

It is no secret that, of course, the classic white t-shirt, which we know, love and wear more regularly than any other, has become a staple item within every man's wardrobe. From James Dean, revolutionising the style of generations to come in Rebel Without a Cause, to Brad Pitt in the 90s film fight club.

Its simple elegance and luxury smooth material over skin make it adaptable for any situation as seen on Kurt Kobain in his day to day jaunts to Kit Harrington on the Red Carpet. Whether it is lounging around the house or going on a night out with friends, it is simply impossible to complete any wardrobe without one!

A little bit of History 

Changing its purpose throughout time, the white t-shirt has adapted to the decades. From its early days worn exclusively as underwear later made famous by the war heroes of the day, to being a style icon in the 60s, carrying its title all the way through to the symbolic 90s!

Its notorious place in our wardrobe was kickstarted in the post-war 1950s when the iconic white garment was worn by none other than Marlon Brando in a Streetcar named Desire. Rumour has it that tight fitted white t-shirts were not available to buy (hard to believe when compared to the retail market today) and so, the wardrobe department would have to wash Brando’s tee several times and stitch it back up to achieve this statement look. 

From there, the white T went on to have many memorable on-screen moments, and by 1980 the stylish white t-shirt was just another garment worn by everyone, remaining a fashion staple nonetheless. From bad boy Danny Zuko teaching us the power of a white T and leather Jacket to the iconic Miami Vice's, Don Johnson championing the relaxed and casual look of a plain white T and summery blazer.

Our Perfect White T

Today, there is hardly an occasion that the perfectly refined white T-Shirt can’t be seen at. The issue is not finding the occasion but rather finding the right White T, one just as essential in our wardrobes as a necessary, high-quality pair of jeans. Framed on quality and longevity, our plain white T's provide breathable comfort and the essential feel of luxury over your skin, from 100% organic cotton to bamboo viscose, Ermenegildo Zegna, The Product and Corneliani provides that sort after comfort fit. 

The Corneliani White T 

If you can pull off a white t-shirt in the classic style of James Dean and Marlon Brando then you can pull it off in any style. Why not try the simple look of a well fitted Corneliani t-shirt effortlessly paired with the new season Jacob Cohen Jean with white BadgeMade without compromise to quality or style, nothing is more timeless than this classic crew neck and its subtle logo detailing on the sleeve. Made with 7% elastin it will ensure the sleek fit of Brando. 

The Zegna White T 

Championing against throwaway fashion, Zegna continues to deliver top quality luxury fashion. Made with none other than premium super soft organic cotton, their t-shirt is set to last a lifetime. For the opposite side of the style spectrum, to a casual meets tailored sartorial elegance, go for this lighter, well-put-together look.  Pair your Zegna T with these Corneliani tailored joggers and blazer and instead of a typical smart shoe, try the Santoni leather trainer. You could also switch your footwear options around and opt for a minimalist trainer to achieve a contemporary feel. Easy to wear and to transition from the day to Friday night drinks, this is an effortless look. 

The Product White T

The Product provides the ultimate comfort, made using 70% bamboo Viscose combined with organic cotton. This luxuriously soft fabric is naturally hypoallergenic, meaning it is moisture- absorbent, quick-drying and won't irritate the skin. It is, therefore, the perfect choice if you're looking for super soft silk-like material. Utterly timeless, and easy to layer without looking out of place, the crew neck will always look great with under jacket hoodie or even shirt. For the upcoming SS20 season, were recommending pairing our classic white Product top with a simple hoody (The Product) and statement trainer from TOD'S

February 11, 2020 — Elle Robinson

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