The Sartorial Engineering brand born to create the perfect raincoat. 

Born out of water, this family-run business originates from the waters of Lake Maggiore, close to the River Erno, from which it takes its name. For over 70 years, since 1948, Herno has produced outerwear with the outdoor man in mind, dedicated to technical and functional design and ultimately, the creation of the perfect raincoat. Produced using the finest menswear materials from Ultralight nylon to Scuba and, combined with the latest and most groundbreaking technologies, Herno secures their rightful place on the cutting edge of luxury fashion. 

"Excellence is the common thread at Herno, even in the choice of production sites. They are selected based on quality and the possibility of building an industrial centre, where particularly innovative equipment designed by the company, such as thermo-taping and ultrasound stitching machinery, may be used. Or they are chosen for their remarkable traditional craftsmanship. This is the case for the hub created in Sicily, where around a thousand people are employed in a production chain producing tailored items that perfectly adhere to the ethical and quality standards of the Herno firm."
- Herno


A little bit of History 

After WW2, Giuseppe Marenzzi and his wife Alessandre Diana, started the brand as an answer to the notoriously wet climate of the Erno Valley. Cold rainy Winters and Summer storms acted as their continued source of inspiration. Acting on his desire to master waterproof material, Marenzzi discovered a new wave of fabric using the very rare castor oil, and with that, came the solution he had been searching for; the perfect raincoat, well made, functional and elegant in Italian style. At last, the Marenzzi’s goal was coming to life. 

Herno quickly expanded from raincoats to outerwear, catering to the demand for coats around the world, transgressing through Italy, onto Europe and scaled as far as Japan. In addition to producing their own brand, they also provided outerwear manufacturing services for companies such as Jill Sander, Prada, Gucci, Armani, Louis Vuitton. 

The technology driving and delivering style

Herno has gone from a heritage brand to the forefront of technology. The company's years of know-how producing for not only themselves but for global companies around the world has allowed them to master the art of craftsmanship and reap the return on their investment in research; positioning themselves at the forefront of manufacturing technology. As a result, they encompass high-performance and technical textiles into each and every one of their garments and collections.

In 2005, Herno expanded into luxury sportswear and vastly expanded its range of outerwear. Herno is for the on-the-go man, who wants to be functional yet stylish. To achieve this fine blend, quilted jackets and padded coats, are made with the finest goose down to unequivocally protect against unpredictable weather. They continue to develop and combine mixed materials to develop new and improved technical breathable fabric which tackle the challenging weather conditions of active sport but, that can also be worn within everyday environments. 

Herno today continues to be a  family-owned, and family-run business, and with Claudio Marenzi, son of Giuseppe and Alessandre, at its help, it is not hard to predict the brand will continue to be taken to new heights, maintaining its well-established reputation as one of the best outerwear brands in the world. 

Classic Designs and Best Sellers

What can one expect from an Herno coat? Classically crafted Italian style filled with fine down sourced from Siberia and Lomellina, detachable hoods and trims, the attention to detail and design that the Italians do best and of course, incredibly durable and waterproof material. Some of our best-selling styles include (from left to right); The Subzero Powered Jacket with Hood and Chest Piece, The Overcoat with Beaver Trim, The Longline Legend Quilted Trench and The Laminar Long Quilted Coat. 

" It is a hanging hook, an image of freedom. Freedom in both shapes and sizes, in the weaving together of technology, the art of craftsmanship and luxury, in simple, refined yet functional lines, which bring timeless outerwear to life, without conformity, able to integrate with a signature style without forgetting trends." - Herno


February 09, 2020 — Elle Robinson

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