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You might find it surprising, but our hometown of Liverpool has more to it than football teams and The Fab Four. In fact, there’s as much a rich history beneath these well-trodden streets as you’d find in any of its more southernly counterparts. But unlike the likes of London, Birmingham or Oxford, it’s Liverpool’s proximity to the sea that originally put it on the map. As the gateway to the new world, Liverpool’s history is one of importing and industry, of migrants and makers. A cotton town right down to its socks.

The Morrows Socks Story

One of those immigrants was Albert Morrow. In 1889, at the tender age of 16 he crossed the Irish Sea for the bright lights of Liverpool. With shipments of cotton flowing in from newly accessible corners of the globe, and a family already in the business, his fate as a hosier was sealed from the get go. Before long, Albert was cutting his teeth cutting patterns as an apprentice hosier.

By 1912, after thirteen years mastering the trade, Albert was ready to open his own premises. Approaching the department store, Blacklers, he was able to negotiate a small shop for the princely sum of £150. After just four years, he was ready to open shop number two. Over the next 20 years, Albert’s small one-shop business quickly grew into a Liverpool institution. A total of ten shops were opened across the city with outlets operating on the main shopping streets from Lime Street to Clayton Square.

"The port city’s strategic importance meant it was heavily bombarded and the city centre was left unrecognisable..."

Albert’s business acumen meant he soon entered the upper-echelons of Liverpool society. He was elected as a City Councillor in 1929 marking the start of a political career that would eventually see him become an Alderman, the Lord Mayor of Liverpool, and help further ingrain the Morrow name in Liverpool’s history.

Morrows Socks - Liverpool Blitz

A panoramic view of bomb damage in Liverpool during World War II

The second world war brought destruction to Liverpool. The port city’s strategic importance meant it was heavily bombarded and the city centre was left unrecognisable by the end of the war. Suprisingly, despite losing a number of city centre premises to the Blitz, the Morrows business survived and even flourished in the post war years. Now joined by Albert’s son, George, Morrows continued to assert its standings as one of Liverpool’s premier hosiers and clothing retailers with the buying and commissioning of further redevelopments across the city.

"Understandably, George was keen for his son, Graham to take up the Morrows’ baton..."

Albert died in 1969 and his son, George replaced him as Morrows’ Managing Director. George followed in his father's footsteps becoming Chairman of the Liverpool Trade Draperies Society, a member of the Liverpool Trade Protection Society and continuing to drive the Morrows brand to the heart of Liverpool. Understandably, George was keen for his son, Graham to take up the Morrows’ baton. But, sadly, for one reason or another, Graham had other plans. George was forced to make the heart-breaking decision to close Morrows down. By 1994, the business was dissolved.

Morrows Sock - Stripey

But this isn’t where the Morrows lineage ended. In 2011, a fourth generation Morrow, Phillip decided to resurrect his great grandfather’s business and began trading as a hosier in Liverpool under the Morrows name. Passionate about continuing the legacy set by his grandfather and great grandfather, Philip decided to focus on creating a product that was of the highest quality; hosier that paid homage to the decades of hard work put in by his forefathers.

Today, Morrows are stocked throughout the country. Their 'jazzy' designs have become a mark of style credibility, with Philip currently doing commissions for the likes of Oxford University Rowing Club and a number of University colleges. 

Handlinked Socks

Morrows socks are designed by Philip and produced in a factory with four generations of hosiery behind it. The socks bear the trademarks you’d expect from the highest quality sock. They’re 80% pure cotton and are skillfully completed with a handlinked toe, a process that matches and links the stitches on either side of the sock together. This not only makes them softer but essentially seamless and means they’re ultra-comfortable and well suited for wearing with fitted, higher-end footwear.

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But it’s not just the quality that makes Morrows socks stand out. The bold designs and tasteful colours can add a splash of personality to more conservative outfits or a touch of class to those more casual. With classic stripes or polka dots in deep reds and rich yellows, the subtle flash of an ankle dressed in Morrows doesn’t just say you appreciate the finer things, but that you’ve got an eye for the details, too.

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August 07, 2017 — Dale Allman

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