As we come to the end of our 5th week in lockdown, many of us are starting to feel slightly demotivated, bored or simply fed up. With no certainty when light at the end of the tunnel will come, The Union Edit is providing some inspiration for things you can set your mind to over the next couple of weeks and prevent you going stir-crazy!

Be Mindful 

For those of us who do feel in a slight rut, first thing first, we need to change our mindsets. Although it might feel at times like this will never end, this is a temporary situation and things will get brighter. In the meantime, we need to look at the positives this time in lockdown can provide us. The opportunity to slowdown, to reflect and to appreciate what is really important to us. To do this, there is not better way and no better time to adopt elements of mindfulness into your life. We are recommending the app Headspace which offers advice on how to meditate, ultimately reducing stress and allowing you to focus more and sleep better. 

Learn a Language 

It is important in these times to keep out minds active and be able to focus our energy into something positive. A great way to do this is to take on a challenge, something you might have always wanted to achieve but have felt like you simply do not have the time. We recommend learning a language with the help of free language app Duolingo. Simply pick the language you’ve always wanted to learn and practice in quick and easy 5-10 minute slots, allowing you to learn as much you wish within your days and also as life gets back to usual and busy schedules resume. You can also join their online community which allows you to organise Skype lessons with native speakers. 

Learn a Instrument

Another great way to focus your energy is by learning an instrument. There are plenty of online courses and virtual lessons available for all sorts of instruments. One we're recommending is an app called Skoove which allows you to learn piano with online, interactive lessons and tutorials. We all love music, and not only will this challenge keep you busy, we are sure it will provide entertainment for the whole family during this time and into the future. 

Call an Old Friend


It’s in times like these, the unprecedented, that we think about people that have come and gone from our lives, wondering what there doing now and mostly if they are ok. There is no time like the present to reach out to past friends, work colleagues or even family members we haven’t spoken to for a while, whether it’s through a text, a call or even using the now famous House Party App, which allows you to connect with not only old friends but also to meet new ones. 


Podcasts are great for keeping us busy and filling in the blanks in the day. They are often bold, topical and provide great food for thought. We recommend using Spotify podcasts to expand you horizons and challenge your opinions by picking a topic your wouldn’t usually or a topic you know nothing about it. Use this time to learn new things and improve your knowledge. 


If you don’t fancy listening then the kindle app or I-books offers you all sorts of fact or fiction allowing you to read your heart out. You can also get access to all your usually magazines without having to go to the shop. Dont fancy yourself a reader but enjoyenjoy a good podcast? Audible provides you with the opportunity to not only enjoy books but to do so though audio, and even better, the first month is free! 


Do not be doubtful, but the good old classic boardgame not only provides great family fun and entertainment (especially if mixed with alcohol) but it can also provides, at times, much needed therapy and mindfulness. For example taking some time out of your day to attempt a challenging jigsaw or compete in a thoughtful game of chess. 


April 22, 2020 — Elle Robinson

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