Pick a strap, pick a buckle; the world is your oyster and the choice is yours. 

As featured in Vogue, Another Man and Porter, we are proud to welcome the luxury and innovative Elliot Rhodes London to our store and their bespoke, finely crafted collection of leather belts. These belts provide every man with zero limitations. With the unlimited choice to mix and match a variety of luxury coloured leather with eye catching buckle designs, the fashion possibilities are endless. 

It must be noted that for many of us, the classic black or brown belt is the utmost essential item in every man's wardrobe. Nearly each and every one of us will have a belt or if not the belt which is worn almost daily. The same belt worn over and over, to every occasion, with every type of trouser; because who needs more than one belt right? Black or brown, who needs any more? 

But with Elliot Rhodes comes the ultimate choice! Their interchangeable system means no more ‘one belt fits all’ mentality but rather that one belt can adapt to all. Instantly, with their array of colour and buckle choice a single belt can be transformed into many, ensuring you have a belt for every eventuality. 

More so, they ensure they capture your individual fashion taste with eye-catching buckles and designs ranging from classic, elegant and refined to glamorous, quirky and dazzling. You choose the belt strap to fit your desired width, colour and finish and match with one or more buckles to reflect their personal style through their unique interchangable system. 

The Belts

Their extensive collection of exotic skin belts come in genuine crocodile, alligator, caiman, stingray, ostrich, sharkskin and python, all of which are available in both classic and contemporary colours and textures.


The Buckles 

All of their belts are made exclusively in Italy and Spain by skilled craftsmen using traditional belt-making techniques. They are designed in house and sourced globally from a selection of skilled makers from Italy, France, the UK and USA and are created using a variety of materials including gold, sterling silver, stainless steel and a variety of semi-precious collectibles. Buckle making remains a highly artisanal trade, with original designs still sculpted by hand using wax and the more ornate buckles having enamels, crystals and special finishes applied by hand. This gives each buckle its own innate character, lustre and individuality.



May 13, 2020 — Elle Robinson

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