Proud to welcome our new product to store curtesy of Green Factory; beautifully hand made terrariums cleverly bringing the outdoors inside our homes. 

A positive within these recent months is that we have been able to appreciate nature a lot more, with many of us spending more time in the outdoors than usual. Just prior to lockdown we were in the process of bringing our customers an easy and efficient way of bringing the outdoors inside their homes. We have since been proud to welcome Green Factory to our store.

Founded ten years ago, this established Parisian boutique located near the Canal Stain Martin in the centre of parts, delicately craft ecosystems in quirky and unusual ways. The inspiration came from a little plant shop Rue Du Pont aux Choux in Le Marais; disappointed to see his customers let their plant die, he started working on a self sufficient composition. Each terrarium collection is designed and built just like ready to wear collection, created live in their workshop for viewing.

Coming in all different shapes and sizes they produce beautiful handmade terrariums consisting of a miniature tree surrounded by a unique garden, and they are ideal for any house hold, in particular, for within flats where outdoor space and greenery can feel limited.  

These garden creations form a self regulating ecosystem that is capable of blossoming with minimal intervention, only needing to be watered either annual or biannually. In all, they require minimal input but provide maximum beauty, notably in ultra-modern and original way. 

Their ecosystems contain serval diverse combinations ranging across Ficus Microcarpa, Fittonia, Fern, Ivy and Pumila Mosses. 

Each one features a miniature tree surrounded by vegetation within a glass container, forming an ecosystem that will thrive with almost no maintenance (if watered a few times a year). Thanks to photosynthesis, the water cycle and a transparent enclosed environment, these creations look after themselves. 

May 27, 2020 — Elle Robinson

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