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Perched on the border with the North East of the US, Montreal doesn’t do too well in the winter. Hounded by Arctic winds unimpeded by the expanse of nothingness to its north, and tucked just enough inland to escape any warming benefits the Atlantic might offer, it’s not unusual for temperatures to drop below -20c. When things get that cold in Montreal, pipes burst, frost bites, and a spilled mug of boiling hot tea would freeze mid-air.

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But unlike the UK, where a smattering of sleet can bring the country to gridlock, Canadians just get on with it. As they expect the bad weather, they make sure they don’t get caught out and they prepare for the worst. La Ville Souterraine, or The Underground City, refers to a bit of downtown Montreal that’s connected by a series of tunnels and corridors, keeping Montreal residents safely inside when things get really bad. Deep tread winter tires are required by law throughout winter so drivers are better protected against sliding when the snow and ice get thick. For those that aren’t keen on freezing to death before Halloween rolls around, a properly wind, rain, and ice proof coat is absolute required wearing.

Mackage Montreal in winter

But it was these technical winter coats that caused high school friends, Elisa Daran and Eran Elfassy so much distress growing up. Forced to go to school in garish, boxy 90s outerwear, they spent the best days of their lives cozy yet nauseously unstylish. Sketching out ideas for alternatives together between lessons, Elisa and Eran soon developed a joint vision; to make winter a more stylish season.

"In 1999, Mackage was born and winters were never as dowdy again..."

And they stuck to this mission into early adulthood. After finishing up college, Eran was asked by his brother’s leather company to design jackets for a 1998 collection. After it was well received, Eran was given the chance to design another collection and this time chose to team up with his old school buddy, Elisa. Aged just 19, the pair started their own company, naming it after Eran’s niece's attempts at saying "maquillage", French for Makeup. In 1999, Mackage was born and winters were never as dowdy again.

Mackage leather Detailing

Leather detailing on the Mackage Dixon Bomber

Originally starting as a leather outerwear brand for women, Mackage slowly developed their offering. Moving towards wool, and eventually technical man-made fabrics like nylon, their collections continued to show nods towards their roots with luxurious leather details and trim. In 2008, ten years after the company started, they launched their first menswear collection bringing their experience balancing form and function to an even bigger, more needy audience.

Now available in some of the world’s most prestigious stores, like Bloomindales, Holt, Renfrew and Saks Fitfh Avenue, Mackage are the true global warmers. But whilst the garments consistently go the distance facing up to the challenges of the great outdoors, it’s not that that makes Mackage stand out. By combining an honest passion for style and fashion with the simple need to keep toasty in bad weather, they make well-made, products that are uniquely luxurious and a welcome refrain from a largely styleless norm.

Mackage Men’s Dixon Bomber

Mackage Dixon Bomber gif

 The Mackage Dixon Bomber

Unsurprisingly given its name, the classic bomber jacket silhouette's design is rooted in the military. Originally known as a flight jacket, it doubled up as casual outerwear for grounded pilots and kit to keep them from getting chilly in open cockpits up in the upper atmosphere. Like a lot of early military wear, the bomber jacket enjoyed several brushes with pop culture during the 20th century and has found itself established as a bona fide outerwear classic today.

Inspired as much by its roots as functional military apparel as its current standing as a style icon, Mackage have updated the bomber design with class and care. With a shell made of a 65% cotton and 35% nylon mix, the Mackage Dixon Bomber is both water tight and water repellent, making it as good a match for icy, Arctic blasts as it is for drizzly Sunday shopping trips.

"The Mackage Dixon Bomber is about as opulent as the bomber jacket has ever been."

To achieve comfort testing down to a staggering -25c, the jacket is filled with a 90% duck down and 10% feather mix, giving it a fill power of a whopping +800 (that’s about as insulating as down can get.) Combined with considered touches, like leather trim and raccoon fur lining, and the kind of attention to detail you’d expect from such a renowned outerwear brand, the Mackage Dixon Bomber is about as opulent as the bomber jacket has ever been. 

Mackage Men’s Edward Parka

 Mackage Men's Edward Parka

The Mackage Edward Parka

A Canadian classic, the infamous oversized winter coat silhouette was born out of the Caribou Inuit’s need to keep warm in the barren tundra. Originally made from seal skin, the Parka was eventually picked up by explorer folk and the military and updated with cotton and faux-fur. After proving its worth in the wildernesses, the parka soon earned its stripes as a cult favourite, being picked out as essential mod uniform in the 60s and later adorning the likes of indie legends like Liam Gallagher.

"A coat that’s not just winter-proof but delightfully toasty."

Mackage’s Edward Parka is the parka turned up a notch. Also comfortable in temperatures as low as -25, the classic silhouette is packed with ultra-high-quality down that keeps the wearer warm even the most extreme of temperatures. A waterproof and repellent mix of cotton and nylon works with concealed zip closures and the Parka’s silhouette to make a coat that’s not just winter-proof but delightfully toasty.

An Outerwear Philosophy

Mackage was created around a philosophy that coats and jackets should be a priority. As the garments that you wear the most throughout the winter, you shouldn’t just feel warm, but look good too.

Mackage’s ability to tie together the classic silhouette we’ve loved for years, the luxury touches we want in our clothing, and the weather-proofed ability you’d expect from outdoor gear makes them a rare find indeed and a purchase you won’t regret any time soon. Take a look at our full range here.

September 01, 2017 — Dale Allman


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