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As part of In the Union, we get to know some of our most loyal customers, find out the brands they love and the stories behind their passion. 

A serial entrepreneur and a well-known face in Liverpool business, Peter Hackett has been helping develop companies for over 25 years. But as well a good entrepreneurial nose, Peter has a passion for clothes and a sharp sense of style and has been shopping at our Victoria Street boutique in Liverpool since we opened.

We were lucky enough to grab five minutes with Peter and had a chat with him about his influences, what it was like growing up in Liverpool, and the brands and labels he loves. 

Hi Peter, thanks for dropping by. First thing’s first, what are you wearing today? Talk me through your outfit.

Today I'm wearing Jacob Cohen jeans and a pair of Nike Vapour Max which I got with my wife when I was in New York around 6 months ago, they were very hard to get and took us most of the day to find. I’m also wearing a Zegna t-shirt with some textured details on it, my Corneliani ID jacket, and my pair of Tom Fords.

Nice, an interesting mix of some of our favourite brands there. How would you describe your style?

I would say my style has changed since I was younger. It’s now focused more on the understated look with more focus on the quality and history of the brands I am wearing rather than the branding itself.

What’s your first memory of buying into fashion?

Well, when I was younger I remember getting the train down to London with a group of friends to buy brands like Lacoste, Benetton, Fila and Cerrutti when nobody had ever heard of them and bringing them back to Liverpool. We would wear them for a couple of days and then sell them on to the other lads. That was our first little business venture and since then I have always had a passion for clothes.

So in a way, fashion sparked your interest in business. Have you always been fashion conscious? What got you into clothes?

I have always been into fashion but more so with trainers. I have over 200 pairs of trainers and it all started when I was 12 when I saved up money for my first pair of Adidas Kick.

...a bit of a sneakerhead then?

Jackets and trainers are the pieces that I will always look to keep ahold of. If I could I would have kept that original pair of Adidas Kick but I don't think they would fit me now unfortunately...

Yeah, they might be a bit of a squeeze. How has your inspirations changed since you were younger? Is there anything that inspires your fashion choices today?

I wouldn't say I am inspired by anything in particular when I choose a certain piece. It’s more the brand quality and history behind it that draws me to select certain things.

And how do the brands at Union 22 fit into that?

I like the brands at Union 22 because they are all brands with a rich history and a real focus on the understated look. The store itself is very unique and offers a shopping experience which is very different than other stores in the city.

That’s great. Are there any brands you’ve seen in store that you’ve got your eye on?

Corneliani is a brand that I really like at the minute. Even though it has been around for a long time I feel that it will start to make an impact now all over the UK. It's one of the most luxurious menswear brands in the world and is starting to gain real popularity in the UK.

Absolutely, Corneliani are one of the last great masters of Italian sartorial heritage and we're certainly proud to stock them. 

Thanks very much Peter, that looks like all we've got time for. We look forward to seeing you in the shop again sometime soon! 

September 07, 2017 — Dale Allman


Sal said:

I live in New York and the service and quality of there clothing was outstanding. The efficiency and the promptness was excellent will definitely be keeping again real soon. Thank you.

Sal said:

I have ordered things from union 22 for my Bf in the states. Quality and service were AMAZING . I couldn’t be happier with the service and punctuality of merchandise.

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