This season at Union22, we are delighted to tell you all about our ever-expanding collection of ready to wear from Herno. Traditionally, Herno has been renowned for its long history in outerwear craftsmanship, it still holds that accolade worldwide as a brand that can make super high-end pieces like cashmere and silk double breasted coats as well as technical & functional pieces like their modern classic Laminar Waterproof Impact Jacket.
The spring summer collection this year is the best we’ve seen yet, I know it might sound like we say this every season but the truth is all the brands we stock here at Union 22 just keep getting better and better. When I say better and better, I mean in the aspect of how we buy the brands for our local and international customers. A lot of the brands are known as traditional tailoring brands, but we’ve took a new view on these and buy heavy into their sportier and more understated ready to wear collections.
So, what’s new? let’s dive straight into it and revisit some best sellers and the newness that has arrived in store and online. To start off we have our bestselling pant period, the Herno Laminar Tech Pant. This comes in the classic navy and black but they have introduced a new colourway this season in a dark grey. Having such a lightweight and technical composition makes this great pair of pants wearable all year round. Now we wouldn’t suggest wearing these to go skiing but certainly they are great in warmer climates due to their lightness and breathability as well as in the more milder periods of the year.
Styling these pants is really easy and quite fun, they look great mixed with some cotton stretch Herno t-shirts or polos, but if you wanted to dress a touch smarter whilst staying quite comfortable in your outfit we suggest matching it with the Herno Superfine Stretch Shirt which is available in white and navy.
Now if you need a pair of pants which are a touch more formal than the tech pants but again give you that feeling of mobility and comfort then we’d suggest looking at the option of the Herno Cotton Stretch Pants. Constructed with a traditional trouser waist including belt loops, but finished in a cotton stretch fabric and slim leg which gives them that added flexibility you don’t normally get in a more formal pair of trousers.
Herno have continued to push their monogram branding which can now be seen on some of their short sleeve polos, these are great again for all year-round wear as they are made with a breathable and durable cotton. This is perfect if you need something with just a touch of branding without any big logos and they come in three colours; navy, black and white. For a summer time outfit we’d suggest pairing these with some Wahts shorts and white low top sneakers.
Always thinking big Herno have partnered with FC Barcelona as their official formalwear partner for all their football teams (men’s and women’s) plus their basketball teams. Collaborations like this are unique to brands of a certain heritage and class, the synergy between the two brands shows the level they are both on at the world stage. Part of the formalwear attire which the players wear is also available at Union 22, the Herno Technical Blazer, Laminar Pants & Stretch Shirt are all worn by the players on their way to and from games.
Finally to finish off one of the best-selling pieces this season so far is the Herno Monogram Branded Hoodie available in black at Union 22. This is a super comfortable easy piece to throw on when you are on the go or travelling, they have developed these  into t-shirts also which are available in tonal black and white.
The whole feeling of this capsule from Herno is that of smart, understated and wearable garments that look great as a sporty casual outfit or if you need to go a bit more smart casual with a blazer, shirt and pants combination.
08 mei 2024 — Dale Allman

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